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Why should you & your company become GBGB members?

By becoming a charter member of Giving Back is Good Business (GBGB), you are not only attesting to your commitment to corporate social responsibility, you are actually strengthening your brand with a powerful marketing platform to gain dynamic promotional benefit from your dedication to corporate philanthropy and giving back. Affiliation with the GBGB will boost your new business development results and enhance your recruitment and retention of principled employees.

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The GBGB Promotional Brochure

Here’s all you need to know about why joining the GBGB is a sound business decision – in booklet form. Available for downloading and printing.


Member Directory

Find out if the business you patronize, or the company you work for, is a member of the GBGB.

Monetize Your Membership

Learn more about the programs, initiatives, and activities of the GBGB.

Member Login

Access your members-only area to update your charitable profile, download trust badges and upload your company’s giving back news.


What’s the latest news with the GBGB, your fellow members, and world of corporate philanthropy.

The Giving Back Awards

Nominate your company or a specific employee for one of the many categories of the annual Giving Back Awards.

Learn about our 501-C-3 affiliate, the Giving Everyday Charitable Trust, whose programs are dedicated to strengthening America through kindness.

Events & Media

BRAVO BUSINESS - On Social Media

We love spreading new of companies giving back (whether they are GBGB members or not) so please send us news, photos or links that describe what you are doing to help your community, the USA, or the world at large.


By Q2 2021 we hope to launch our podcast series "Bravo Business," where we will interview leading corporate philanthropists and members of the non-profit world who regularly work with corporate sponsors and partners.


We will be offering webinars to generate practical ways to build up your giving back programs; to maximize the marketing value of your GBGB membership and how to attract and retain the best employees through your GBGB affiliation.

The Numbers Are In*


Of consumers view a business more favorably if it gives back to the community.


Of employees are more likely to accept a job offer from a business that gives back.


Of consumers intentionally buy from a company whose values match their own.

*Taken from the 2020 GBGB Consumer Attitude Survey

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