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Template Guide

How the GBGB Template Guide helps your dues ROI

While joining the GBGB is an admirable thing, it would be a shame if your company did not maximize the powerful marketing value your membership affords you.

It is in your company’s best interests to tell the world (or at least the segments of which have relevance to your business) of your membership status, so they will know that:

  • Your commitment to giving back is exemplary
  • Your values match that of your clients/customers
  • You have a work environment that encourages charitable acts

To help you realize these goals we have prepared a detailed “Template Guide” to give you real-life examples of how to communicate your affiliation across many channels.

Some of the areas the guide will address are how to announce your membership, how to best display your membership badge and use it in all modes of communication and advertising, and to organize and brand your charitable activities under the “banner” of the GBGB.

Ultimately, it is you, the member who will be the primary force in using the affiliation to the fullest. Our efforts and programs at the GBGB will only go so far, and it is up to you, your imagination and your creativity to make it as worthwhile as it can be.

The GBGB Template Guide