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Doing business with like-minded people

A significant benefit for GBGB members is the ability to network with each other – with the rationale that businesses who share a similar commitment to charity and giving back may make for compatible business partners or collaborators, on an ethical level.

Once we achieve a critical mass of members, we will initiate systems to enable networking in an effortless fashion. Our future public events will also foster new business relationships, across the board.

Membership in GBGB is intended to be a very public matter – displaying the badge is a big reason for joining. By doing so it literally telegraphs to the world (including of course, other businesses) what your company is really made of, and what your value system is composed of. We expect that use of the logo will be an ice breaker and conversation starter – for all the right reasons.

It is in every member’s interest to make the GBGB as large as possible, since that will ultimately reflect well on the American business community and will – in one small way – make the world a better place.

We welcome your future role as a GBGB Ambassador, and we hope to provide you with the requisite tools to be highly successful in this role.