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Member Categories

Every member is central to our mission


Any business – regardless of category, industry, or size – will find meaning and enjoy tangible benefits through their association with GBGB. This applies especially to charter memberships, a brief window of opportunity which will expire shortly – but the statement it makes for participating businesses will last long after.


Executive-level membership in GBGB is ideal for individual executives who wish to be identified as charity/giving benefactors. The benefits of individual membership are different from that for a business, although they share the fundamentals. Every executive’s image and career trajectory are enhanced through personal branding as a giver.


The quality of a business student’s character comes through with GBGB membership. It immediately classifies one as part of a group of principled corporations and executives – companies and business leaders that will be seeking out principled talent to join their successful enterprises. GBGB takes very seriously its role in molding  the next generation of businesspeople. Hence the very nominal membership fee for students