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Member Benefits

Make the most of your affiliation with the GBGB!

Membership entitles you to feature the GBGB trust badge on all corporate advertising, literature, on your products, and in your offices or retail facility. Your GBGB lapel pin will help you stand out in the crowd and be recognized by other members with whom you share important values. The GBGB Template system provides your company with the roadmap to effortlessly leverage and maximize promotional value across traditional and digital marketing channels. Your existing and future corporate giving back/volunteerism programs can be run under the “banner” of the GBGB – to give added significance and exposure to your initiatives.

And there’s more …

A sizeable portion of member dues proceeds are being devoted to a national branding campaign so we can together educate the public to raise the corporate social responsibility bar for the businesses they patronize. The ultimate measure of the GBGB’s effectiveness will be the public’s expectation of a business being a member of good standing in the GBGB.

While not mandatory, you and your company can tap into GBGB’s Co-Giving program, which is especially useful for retail enterprises and service businesses. Plus you will always have access to GBGB’s themed, and ready-to-go cause-based and charitable giving programs (such as GBGB’s Charity Mutual Funds – and the chance to co-brand posts on the social media channels of our “Giving Everyday” charity affiliate, reaching over 2 million viewers per month.

Member programs designed with you and your business in mind

GBGB members enjoy an array of important programs that enable you to develop executive skills that relate to your company’s positioning as a business that cares.

As the organization gathers steam (starting in 2022), you will have access to members-only educational and motivational content, events, and how-to guides.

Through GBGB, your business will benefit from social media exposure for both corporate and personal give-back initiatives. The GBGB website directory will feature your company’s charitable activity.

As well, membership makes your business eligible to compete in the GBGB’s Annual Awards program which recognizes corporate give-back creativity and commitment.

For your convenience, you will be able to easily maximize your membership through our members-only online portal, powered by Growth Zone – the premier software partner for membership associations and chambers of commerce nationwide.