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The Giving Back Awards

Your business is doing well. Now show that it's doing good.

Nominate your company and/or your individual employees for the

Has your business preformed some exemplary acts of charity or giving back to the community (or to the staff) last year?

Is one of your employees dedicated to charity work, above and beyond reasonable expectations?

Is so, submit your nominations for the first annual GBGB Giving Back Awards – the "Bravos" -- a local, regional and national competition, with several categories per region.

Get your company, or staffer, requisite recognition for their good works. The resultant publicity will only help you achieve your sales goals and be a boon for new employee recruitment.

The deadline for submissions is April 25, 2021.

Get national recognition for your business’ charity and volunteerism programs

The 2020 GBGB Awards Program for Businesses Giving Back