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The Giving Every Day Charitable Trust was established to strengthen American unity by encouraging and promoting the performance of daily acts of kindness and charity.

Giving Back is Good Business Inc. was spun off from Giving Everyday when it was apparent that the concept merited a separate effort and structure, but the two non-profits are ideologically linked.

Giving Everyday, which is non-sectarian and apolitical and recognized by the IRS as a 501-c-3 tax deductible organization (EIN 85-0900686), sees selfless behavior as a means of improving the atmosphere of civil discourse in America, at a time where political and racial discord threatens to unravel the very bonds of our union. Additionally, the ravages of Covid-19 and other natural disasters have demonstrated the existential need to spread positive and inspiring news, to counter the incessant negative coverage that threatens to deteriorate the resilient spirit of America.

The programs Giving Everyday has initiated, or is planning to initiate in 2021, are as follows:

Social Media

Giving Everyday Facebook and Instagram pages have been gaining in popularity – with posts reaching over 10 million users! Giving Everyday publicizes and recognizes exemplary acts of kindness and charity that are reported on in the media and across social media.

In early 2021 Giving Everyday hopes to launch the series “Who’s Giving Today” on their YouTube channel where we will report on especially newsworthy acts of kindness.

The Giving Army

A member of the Giving Army is another way to describe a Giving Everyday volunteer/member who is an activist and a giver. Giving Army recruits take the Kindness Pledge and promote the organization with like-minded friends and relatives. They alert the organization to great acts of giving they have seen, and freely give us – and their fellow members – good ideas for kindnesses anyone can do everyday.

Annual Giving Awards

Another essential program we plan on launching in 2021 is the Annual Giving Awards, where we will recognize the most exemplary acts of giving we have seen over the year – on both a regional and national basis.

Significance to GBGB Members

The impressive reach of Giving Everyday’s social media posts presents a valuable promotional opportunity for GBGB member companies, as sponsorship not only delivers a motivated and high-minded audience, it also offers public relations opportunities for the sponsoring companies due to the special mission of Giving Everyday.